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VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné migrates KTO-TV to all new AVID system with great success

Published on 26/10/2016

Taking advantage of its transition to full HD operation, the KTO-TV network decided to upgrade its postproduction facilities based upon FinalCut to a fully integrated all-Avid solution.

Being the prime contractor for the project, VIDELIO-Media called upon the internal synergies of the VIDELIO Group to bring in VIDELIO-Cap' Ciné for the postproduction aspects of the project.

Bringing in its strong experience in the field of Post, VIDELIO-Cap’ Ciné fully assists KTO-TV in their migration to the new system.

The technical requirements were quite challenging as it was necessary to integrate an ISIS 5500 with 2x 32 Terabytes storage systems, the Avid Interplay/PAM media management unit, an Avid AirSpeed 5500 and a TeleStream LightSpeed K20 transcoding server. Furthermore, the main architecture is also connected to no less than 30 editing stations.

Nevertheless, the most important part of the project was not the integration of the equipment even though KTO-TV was still producing its regular broadcasts, it was training the staff to operate an entirely new tool. VIDELIO-Cap' Ciné entrusted to its division Time Code Services the task of providing all the necessary training courses.

In less than three weeks, and just in time for the beginning of HD operations, we trained a staff of 35 divided into 3 levels of proficiency from the reporter/cameraman to the experienced editor. Our training staff worked together with the technicians to create the workflow; they also developped tailor-made programs to cater to the requirements of both the "old" workflow (FCP users) and the new one.

To make the best use of the available time and capture the full attention of the participants, Time Code Services set up a classroom with 6x Avid Media Composer stations V8.5, exactly the same models as those installed at KTO-TV. During the classes lasting from 1 to 3 days, our training teams extensively called upon hands-on exercises to train KTO's staff. In addition to the "lightning" training, Time Codes Services also provided supervision of operations at KTO-TV during the HD start-up phase, a reassuring presence both for the station's managers and the technical staff, whatever their duties.

VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné rose to the challenge of setting up a high quality training program

As confided Philippine de Saint-Pierre, General Manager of KTO-TV

"Your very thorough partnership in training provided strong support to our teams and allowed the transition to HD to take place very smoothly".

From his point of view, Eric Ohleyer who was in charge of project coordination for VIDELIO-Media commented with pleasure :

"To assist our client's teams in the migration to new technologies, there resides the added value of VIDELIO-Cap' Ciné and its Time Code Services daughter company, 100% dedicated to Professional A/V Systems Training."

Through this project, VIDELIO-Cap' Ciné and Time Code Services confirm their status as a Professional A/V Training Center specialized in customized workflows on Avid / Interplay Production and Media Central / UX systems.


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