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VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné speeds up postproduction of TV show Mardi Cinéma thanks to the AVID AirSpeed 5500

Published on 19/01/2017

When production company ADLTV contacted VIDELIO-Cap' Ciné to find out if it was possible to speed up and safeguard the postproduction of a TV program broadcast less than 24 hours after shooting, we immediately thought of the AVID AirSpeed 5500.

But it still required creativity to innovate and go beyond the usual ways the system is used.

Indeed, there was a first requirement to allow the editors to start postproduction work while shooting was still underway BUT ALSO a second requirement to retrieve the final program sequence from a third party postproduction house in order to finalize the entire show with sound mixing, channel branding and conformation to broadcast format specifications.

In this type of situation, time is of the essence and each minute gained is priceless. We therefore decided to implement a hybrid workflow around the AVID AirSpeed 5500. Using our in-house demonstration platform, we set up a full scale system mimicking the shooting conditions, allowing us to study the workflow and run tests to find the optimal solution.

Our attention was focused on 2 major issues :

  • Allow the editors to have immediate access to the raw footage
  • Limit file exports or transfers at the time of migration to the 3rd party Post house

Editing while shooting

Thanks to the "Team" feature, the AirSpeed 5500 is capable of transfering the recorded media to a central storage unit model ISIS 5500 (or NEXIS). To this Avid ISIS we connected 3x Avid Media Composer Nitris DX editing stations. The TV show is split into 3 parts, each one assigned to an editor.

The AirSpeeds have been set up to segment the recordings into 20 minute files and the IsoSync feature allows to synchronize operations for the 7 video streams.

The video streams can be viewed after the first 30 seconds of recording but we have to wait until the first 20 min segment is complete and the files closed before transforming it into a Group Clip for multi-camera editing.

Optimizing the transfer of files at the 3rd party Post House

As soon as shooting was over, around 11 PM, we removed the AirSpeed units from the Studio 204 premises at AMP Visual TV located in la Plaine Saint-Denis and brought them to Post House Centreville Télévision.

Once arrived, we connected the AirSpeeds to an Avid ISIS 7500 to transfer the recorded clips. Each server is capable of transfering 4 files simultaneously at a speed of over twice real time (because the DNxHD-120 format is faster for lower definitions). In a very short time we were able to have the Group Clips online.

Editing then proceeded until 4 AM using the Media Composers and the ISIS unit on the studio set. The nearly completed program was then uploaded via FTP to Centreville Télévision where we only had to copy it into the project to have it online. The only task remaining was for the assistants to launch the exports for sound mixing, channel branding, etc…

This easy to set up configuration offers tha advantage of not only optimizing the access time to the media regardless of the physical location, but also gives a high level of availability to the media files as they are constantly duplicated or even triplicated at the end of the workflow.


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