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VIDELIO – Cap’ciné & VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. : Intercontinental transcoding services with Telestream

Published on 14/03/2017

Transcoding services with Telestream Vantage Lightspeed

VSI Paris / Chinkel S.Ais a company specialised in dubbing, voice-overs, subtitling and postproduction located in the heart of Paris and equiped with some of the most advanced technologies. The managers called upon VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné's services to implement a solution to improve the processing of a steadily increasing volume of files received from their customers.

The Vantage Lightspeed solution made by Telestream imposed itself from the start as the best tool for the job. Not only are the files processed at great speed but the quality of the final product is improved.

François Chassigneux, Technical Manager at VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. commented :

"Since we acquired Vantage a year ago, we have totally overhauled our workflows to achieve a high level of automation and considerable gains in processing times. A task needing one hour previously can be accomplished today in just a few minutes."

Up, central technical room - Down, dubbing studio

The automated workflows also increase reliability. In the past, an operator doing over and over a dull repetitive task could lose attention and make mistakes.

The laboratory's productivity is optimized. A high volume of files are of USA origin from clients such as HBO, NBC, Universal or Discovery just to name a few of the most important. The files are received during the night and are directly processed by the Vantage Lightspeed. By morning they are ready for the operators who can then concentrate on creative tasks, more rewarding for them.

Example of a Vantage workflow for a Layback job

Initially chosen to improve file ingest, the Vantage Lightspeed was very quickly adopted for finalization workflows especially since the integration with the AS-10 which with its latest upgrade can process the entire spectrum of metadata for all broadcasters. Today, the files ready to broadcast are sent to multiple networks via TeleStream's K80 server.

François Chassigneux, Technical Manager at VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. explains :

" Since we acquired this new configuration, the time gained by automated workflows added to the GPU power of the K80 server is very significant. An added benefit is that the dull tasks are now accomplished by the Vantage giving our technical staff precious time for more exciting jobs with higher added values."

Coming soon, the integration with VidChecker…

With the recent acquisition of Vidcheck, a quality control application, by Telestream, its integration into the Vantage workflows is ongoing. Once achieved, another laboratory activity will see its burden relieved by an even higher automation of the Telestream Vantage workflow.

Benoît Godard, Telestream head engineer at VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné rejoices :

"The interfacing between Vantage and VidChecker has become very simple and for a very moderate cost. We have already begun integrating with success VidChecker at several Vantage customer sites. VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. already had a quality control application but the complementarity between Vantage and VidChecker, both TeleStream products, makes interfacing much easier.

Customized workflows

Implementing the various workflows required the help of the technical experts in Telestream solutions at VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné. Extensive planning and preparation has allowed to optimize the use of the server to achieve maximum performance. Our engineers at VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné are in regular contact with the technical team at VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. to adapt the workflows to market evolutions (new CODECs, new ready to broadcast standards, etc…).

However, the operators at VSI Paris / Chinkel S.A. have gained independence thanks to thorough training covering every aspect, from the hands-on use of the tools to the construction of workflows.

VIDELIO-Cap’Ciné, through its training department TimeCode Services has made a specialty of these customized trainings.


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