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#Solutions/EVENTS/EUROSPORT - 24 Heures du Mans


How to choose the right provider to supply real-time
post-production services during a sports event ?


The 24 hours at Le Mans is a mythical automobile race which TV network Eurosport covers for over a week, from preliminary tests to victory celebration of the winners.

To make coverage as lively as possible, news topics are produced for inclusion in magazines or during live broadcasts. The news items are assembled from footage shot by ENG crews who record interviews on the various stands, show the behind the scene activities and also roam the nearby village to show the buzz around the event. To this raw footage are added hundreds of hours of video shot during the qualification tests and also from the race itself and which will be included in the edited news items.

Because of the very short amount of time allowed for editing, access to the raw footage must be extremely fast.


The challenge was to obtain near-instantaneous access to the video while it was being recorded. Eurosport decided to call upon VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné's teams. After discussing and asking for advice about the best post-production solution,
it was decided to build a system around an Avid Interplay Production unit and an Avid AirSpeed 5500.

The Interplay Production allows access to any raw footage even while it is being recorded. The AirSpeed 5500 is used to accelerate the ingest of video streams and to play back news items on the studio set.

The configuration used was as follow :

  • 1x Avid ISIS 32 Terabyte server
  • 1x Interplay kit englobing several servers
  • 1x AirSpeed 5500, 4 channels
  • 5x Avid Media Composer editing stations (2 of which supplied by the customer)
  • 1x VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné technical staff – in charge of delivery, installation and technical assistance during the entire event.


Thanks to the flexibility and the ruggedness of the solution and of the various other tools installed, the Eurosport teams had at their immediate disposal the entire video database to edit their subjects.

The 24 hour race was recorded using the 4 channels available on the Avid AirSpeed 5500. The magazines and programme continuity benefitted by always having access to fresh footage.

VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné delivered the complete system to Eurosport one or two weeks before the event. This allowed for thorough testing, fine-tuning the configuration and getting rid of all technical glitches before the actual event, which by the way does indeed last 24 hours.

Since 2011, Eurosport has called upon VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné for the yearly coverage of this event. Even better, Eurosport also selected VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné to be its partner for the London Olympic Games in 2012.




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