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How to make best use of a sporting event for your internal corporate communication?


Every year, the GDF-Suez Group organizes a Raid assembling the company employees, professional sportsmen and amateurs. The operation requires audiovisual coverage to supply material to the corporate communication department of GDF-Suez Group

Each year, the event takes place in a new location, and this year the ski resort at Avoriaz was selected to host during 3 days the 1600 participants split up into 144 teams for this great sports celebration.

The goal for CAPA, in charge of production, was to supply Suez with communication material for the entire year, but also to liven up the dinners and galas during the event by showing the participants each evening a short film retracing the events of the day.


CAPA called upon VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné to set up a post-production environment. the 7 CAPA news teams (not counting Drone and Go-Pro staff) were in the field all day long. Assistants were in charge of bringing back the camera memory cards to the post-production facility where they were immediately backed-up and linked via AMA to give the editors access to the shots as fast as possible.

To meet the challenge, VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné installed the following configuration :

  • 1x ISIS 5500 32 Terabyte server
  • 3x Avid Media Composer Nitris DX  version 7.0 editing systems
  • 3x Avid Media Composer Soft for the technical operations of AMA linking, consolidation and transcoding
  • 3x video tape recorders for playback of the finished subjects
  • 1x VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné technical staff for system support.


VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné allowed CAPA to use its demonstration/test facility to evaluate and optimize the time required to make copies and the ingest duration beforehand. The Raid was scheduled for the end of september so the preparation work was done during the summer.

Thanks to the system installed, no less than 200 hours of raw footage were captured in 4 days, allowing CAPA to produce a half-hour's worth of finished programme each day, during 4 days.

The coverage of the event receives enthusiastic approval from the participants, proof being that the same recipe has been applied with success for the last 10 years.

Over the years and in the context of evolving technologies, VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné has been able to offer CAPA new solutions allowing to reduce the access time to the raw video and therefore increase the volume of finished edited material.




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