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As an integrator of audiovisual post-production solutions, VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné designs and installs fixed post-production systems for television networks, institutional operators, sound mixing studios, … To make the workflows evolve with coherence, the VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné teams propose turnkey solutions : preliminary analysis, temporary assembly in VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné's facilities, on-site installation, acceptance tests, assistance with initial operation, training of the client's staff on the new installation.

The "Integration" solutions are oriented towards 3 types of customers :

  • Video content : All audiovisual professionals (television networks, producers,
  • post-production service providers, Press Agencies,…
  • Audio content : All professional sound recording and mixing studios, radio stations and sound engineers.
  • Corporate : All corporations having in-house audiovisual departments and major institutions such as the INA (French National Audiovisual Archives), ECPAD (A/V Communication and Production Department of the French Defense Ministry), InterMarché (supermarket chain stores), Havas (advertising agency), …

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