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On which expert company to rely upon to migrate smoothly ?



Sylicone is a major player in the french post-production scene since 1984 and is always at the leading edge of technology to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of its numerous clients.

Over the years, Sylicone has grown and acquired several companies and therefore now owns, aside from its historical location near the Bastille in the Parisian 12th district, 2 other sites, one located in the 15th district, rue Thoreton (Sylicone 15) and the other in the 17th district, rue Villaret-de-Joyeuse (Captain Video).

The 3 locations boast in total over 70 non-linear editing systems, all connected to central storage systems.

The installations are all in use 24/7 and needed to be updated to accept new software as well as a substantial increase in the storage capacity. The other challenge was to accomplish a "massive" migration in the APPLE hardware/software operating environment.


Sylicone has been for a very long time relying upon VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné to purchase or rent Avid Audio and Video editing solutions and also benefit from the technical support of our teams.

Once again, Sylicone called upon VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné to meet the new challenge. Our teams put themselves at the service of Sylicone and its subsidiaries, bringing in all the necessary resources to achieve the migration in the best condition.

Even if today the sites do not all communicate together, the system was designed as a single entity. This gives, if needed, the possibility to move editing systems between locations without having to change anything, in other words, true "plug n' play" compatibility.

The main site at the Bastille is structured around a 10gigE 48 port switch connected to two ISIS 5500 storage servers with respective capacities of
128 Terabytes and 32 Terabytes. The heart of the system is located in a ground floor machine room with strong access security.

Data switches are "cascaded" on each level of the building, allowing the editing stations easy connection to either of the servers.

The other Sylicone sites use more classic server/switch configurations.


Sylicone benefitted from VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné's expertise and our team's experience in the domain of data networks. Our pre-sales engineering staff also worked in close collaboration with Sylicone to define a budget and propose the best solutions at the lowest cost.

The entire fleet of editing systems has now been upgraded with the added advantage of being covered by an Avid support contract along with VIDELIO - Cap’Ciné's Hotline service.

Every needed resource was put at the service of Sylicone to make the migration as painless as possible, the goal being to let Sylicone continue its daily operations without being overloaded by the ongoing installation.

Thanks to these efforts, Sylicone was consistently able to offer its clients a high level of service where they suffered in no way from the migration and installation of new equipment.

The three Sylicone sites now have upgraded and uniform configurations, thus strengthening the operational flexibility of the entire company.




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